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The QInsight Group wants to encourage individual and professional investors to use the web for on-line financial information, so we have created this "Investment Resources" section to help all investors find valuable financial resources on the web.

If we have reviewed a website and find it to be of special merit, we have included a brief summary of the features we like and/or use at the website. Additionally, in order to provide our visitors and subscribers with a convenient starting point for searching the many financial sites on the web, we have included many websites that we do not use or have not recently reviewed.

USER RANKINGS: The QInsight Group's subscribers and visitors are a financially advanced group, and we want to share their knowledge. Therefore, we have provided a submission form to complete and e-mail to us for anyone interested in sharing their appraisal of a website with the rest of us. If we have more than three user inputs for a website, we will include an average ranking and a summary of the comments for the website.

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