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Wall Street Research Net - an excellent site consisting of over 250,000 links to help professional and private investors perform fundamental research on actively traded companies and mutual funds and locate important economic data that moves markets.
Quicken/Networth/Galt - one of the best sites for information on mutual funds.
Aexpert Systems - this unique site provides an on-line optimizer (Aexpert Optimizer computes diversified mutual fund investments for investor risk profiles) and a neural-net S&P 100 index forecaster (MarketVision Forecaster) for active traders.
Ed Yardeni's Economic Reviews - this comprehensive site includes an outstanding series of charts and special reports on macro-economic and demographic trends.
S&P Stock Reports - in the section "Investor Net" the serious individual investor doing their own research may subscribe to the "S&P Stock Reports" for an annual subscription of $275.00 (for up to 60 reports). These individual company reports are 6-8 pages and are fairly comprehnsive. Many brokerage firms use this service.
The Motley Fool Online - is designed to help viewers obtain financial information and discuss investing techniques. The QInsight Group warns investors to generally ignore the "information" offered in chat rooms and discussion groups. The background, skill and motivation of all the parties in these discussions are unknown and the "information" offered is often incorrect.
Zacks Investment Research - offers investors the analysts' consensus earnings forecasts on most traded stocks. This service is also available from certain of the online broker services (such as Discover Brokerage Direct, formerly Lombard)
Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) - excellent economic data and charts. In addition to a large historical database of economic and financial data that can be downloaded to your computer, the St Louis site includes the weekly publication of the interest rates and money supply figures in the "Publications On-Line" section in the report entitled "US Financial Data".
Computer Handholders Investment Software - David N. Nawrocki, Ph.D., one of the founders of the QInsight Group, has his own website that describes various financial software packages he has developed and offers for sale. One of these, the Portfolio Management Software Package, PMSP Professional 486, is a sophisticated toolkit for portfolio optimization and risk/return rankings.
Dow Jones
Standard & Poors
Corporate News
Edgar Online
Public Register's Annual Report Service
American Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
Morningstar Mutual Funds
SIC Code Search
Federal Reserve System Beige Book
Financial Data Finder
American Economic Association

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