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The QInsight Group's structured and disciplined quantitative approach is ideal for professional investors. Clients and prospects respond to this approach very positively when you explain it to them in the clear and logical manner presented by QInsight. However, we can only accept professional investors after we know more about your business. It is possible to structure an arrangement with QInsight that allows you to use the QEquity (QInsight's model equity portfolio) and QSector (QInsight's model specialty mutual fund portfolio) with each of your money management clients. We will need to establish a further dialogue if you are interested in one or both of these products. Please e-mail QInsight or contact us at 619-295-9292.

You will receive:

  1. Current Phase Review (a discussion of the current phase).
  2. Top 25 Industry Analysis for the Current and Next Phases.
  3. Model Portfolio of 25 individual stocks and/or Model Portfolio of 5 to 6 sector funds that we recommend in our model mutual fund portfolio.
  4. Complete trading history for the model equity portfolio and/or model mutual fund portfolio since inception (upon request).
  5. Weekly Advisory that keeps you up to date with our latest changes, additions or thoughts concerning the current portfolio. It is critical that you check the Weekly Advisory regularly.
  6. Responses to your questions via e-mail.
  7. Personal Consultation (as required on industry groups or specific equities).
  8. Prospect support services (marketing literature, meetings and seminars).
  9. Client support services (performance reports, phone contact).
  10. Weekly/Monthly group teleconference to discuss current events and their effects on the business cycle.

Additional Information:

QEquity - Model Equity Portfolio: The stock portfolio includes specific allocation percentages and a requires a realistic minimum of approximately $150,000 to $200,000 to hold all the recommended positions. This portfolio is updated continuously.

QSector - Model Mutual Fund Portfolio: The mutual fund portfolio generally consists of five to seven Fidelity "Select" funds (they dominate the specialty funds in performance) so you need a brokerage account where you can trade these Fidelity funds. Each specialty fund in the portfolio is held at least 30 days, so we incur no subsequent sales fees with the Fidelity funds beyond the initial "load". The mutual fund portfolio requires a minimum of $25,000 for a taxable account, somewhat less for an IRA or 401 account.

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