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In addition to our Best Financial Web Sites, we have included a "Books and Articles" section because we believe all investors should be guided by a thoughtful investment strategy, and these books and articles can help provide that background. However, please note the classifications "General" and "Specialized". A "General" classification means the item should be understandable by the general financial reader. A "Specialized" classification means the item requires specialized knowledge (usually calculus, statistics, advanced mathematics or a graduate-level knowledge of finance) to fully understand the author's work. 

Amazon.com's top 50 Finance & Investing Books
Business Cycles (from  John Law to Chaos Theory) - by Lars Tvede (1997) - An excellent and highly readable history of business cycle theory and examples from the prior and current centuries.
Sector Investing: 1996 - by San Stovall (1996) - Out of Print
What Works On Wall Street - by James P. O'Shaughnessy (1996) - An excellent overview of quantitative systems.
The Money Game - by Adam Smith (1976)
The Social Psychology of Organizations - by Daniel Katz (1978)
Strategic Cycle Investing - by Richard Coghlan (1993)
Options as a Strategic Investment - by Lawrence G. McMillan (1992)
A Time to be Rich - by Lacy H. Hunt - A terrible title for an excellent book on using economic indicators for investing.(1987)
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management - by Frank K. Reilly (1996)

Chaos And Order In The Capital Markets - by Edgar E. Peters (1996)
Fractal Market Analysis - by Edgar E. Peters (1994)
Profiting From Chaos - by Toni Vaga (1994)
Dynamics Of Forecasting: Financial Cycles, Theory and Techniques - by Lacy H. Hunt (1976)
Portfolio Selection: Efficient Diversification Of Investments - by Harry Markowitz (1991)
Free Markets, Finance, Ethics and Law - by Larry Bear and Rita Maldonado-Bear (1994)
Modern Portfolio Theory And Investment Analysis - by Edwin Elton and Martin Gruber (1995)
Econometric Models And Economic Forecasts - by Robert Pindyck and Daniel Rubinfeld (1991) Portfolio And Investment Selection - by Haim Levy and Marshall Sarnat (1984) - Out of Print

Related to Technical Trading:
The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators (General) - by Robert Colby and Thomas Meyers (1988)
Technical Analysis Explained (General) - by Martin J. Pring (1991)
A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets (General) - by Jack Schwager (1984)

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